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Innovator Technologies Introduces the New Mosquito XE and XEL Helicopters!

If you are familiar with the Mosquito helicopter you probably know the bare, frame-like design that has been around a little while. The new Mosquito XE is the same aircraft, but the open frame tubing has been replaced with an all fiberglass closed in design.

The XE airframe is a unibody construction made entirely of high quality fiberglass in a vinylester matrix. What this garble means to you and me is that the structural elements and the external body offering the aerodynamic cleanliness and good looks are one and the same..

Power is provided by the same Compact Radial Engines MZ202 used for years on the open version of the Mosquito. This two cylinder, two stroke engine has a power output of 60hp, ample to do the work for its 610lbs of gross weight.

The power train, controls and rotor systems have been through some minor modifications to suit the new XE design. The collective control has been adjusted to adapt to the different mounts in the XE. The main rotor blade diameter has increased by 1.5 ft to account for the additional gross weight. The Mosquito XEL is the same as the XE but is equipped with floats.

Materials provided with the kit include fiberglass airframe parts, machined parts, instruments (Rotor/Engine Tach, redundant digital engine tach with hour meter, dual EGT/CHT, Airspeed Indicator), rotor blades and engine. Many of the Airframe parts are already joined. The builder needs only to bolt and rivet the final major components together.

A comprehensive assembly manual is provided along with a full set of part and assembly drawings as well as exploded view drawings. Builder assistance can be provided by phone or email. All up you are looking at 250 to 300 hours of build time, which may be less depending on skill level. Standard shop tools are required to cut and form some of the simple frame and control parts and for bolt and rivet assembly. A quick build parts set, in which all the parts nomally fabricated and formed by the builder are already finished, is available to save more build time. A small amount of welding is required on the exhaust system.

Optional extras to consider with purchase of the Mosquito include factory paint, tail fins, ceramic pistons, seat covers, governor kits, wheel kits and quick build parts.

You can also order your Mosquito XE in several stages of kit. The 1st kit includes the materials and components for building the composite airframe. This group consists of the composite enclosure, fuel tank, tail boom, landing gear and the full Builder's Set of Plans and Instructions. The kit is designed to meet the 51% rule.

The 2nd kit is for the cyclic, collective, torque tubes, push-pull tubes, swash plate, and rotor controls.

The 3rd is the power drive system consisting of primary and secondary reduction units, sprague clutch, engine coupling shafts, tail rotor drive shaft components, gear boxes, main rotor shaft assembly, and associated bearings, couplings, etc. and the 4th group includes the engine, battery, centrifugal engine clutch, fuel tanks, fuel valves, fuel lines, throttle, switches, wiring, and instruments.

The final stage is the assembly of the rotor heads, the tail rotor blades, and main rotor blades but the manufacturer likes to see you have some training under your belt before finishing this stage and being tempted or hurried to get airborn.

Delivery on complete kits is around 6 months from placing a deposit, or around 2 months for a kit group, depending on factory demand at the time.



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